Peace and Security underpin sustainable development. Indeed, the United Nations Assembly has stated that “the Global Goals [SDGs] will only be realized in a world of peace, security and respect for human rights”. Critical to peace and security, is not only the on-the-ground efforts across the continent, but also a re-balancing/re-position of Africa within the global peace and security framework(s) – many of which require reform to keep up with the emerging challenges facing both Africa and the world at large, and the changing nature of international relations and dynamics impacting on peace and security. Such issues range from the roles and responsibilities of national, regional, and continental peace and security frameworks and forces in the African context, to the United Nations Security Council, and the global arms manufacturing and trade frameworks.

The African Leadership Forum 2017 – ‘Peace and security for an integrated, united, and sustainable Africa’ – was well received. In particular, the dialogue on ‘Africa’s position in the global security architecture’ was highlighted as a topic in need of further discussion. With this in mind, UONGOZI Institute is organising a follow-up event which will delve deeper into this topic and focus on specific conflict areas in the region. The objective of this forum is to provide a space to engage with some of the specific interventions, and how Africa’s position in the global peace and security architecture enhances and/or impedes progress in resolving and overcoming the issues.

This regional conference will take place on 17 May, 2018, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The dialogue will include 40-50 high-level practitioners and experts, and will be organised under Chatham House Rules to facilitate free and honest exchange.