The Government of Tanzania recognises that Local Content is a key strategic issue to be addressed while implementing the agenda for becoming a middle income country. Through increased local content, broad based economic growth and sustainable economic and social outcomes can be enhanced and assured.

In order to ensure that Local Content is well integrated in the implementation of the agenda 2025, the Government of Tanzania through the National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC) has developed a “National Multi Sector Local Content strategy” which has a vision of “Ensuring Majority of Tanzanians participate, own and benefit from investments”.

Based on this background, UONGOZI Institute is collaborating with the NEEC in the Prime Minister’s Office to organize a national dialogue titled “Enhancing Local Content and Local Participation for Effective Industrialisation in Tanzania” on 24th and 25th May, 2018, in Dodoma, Tanzania. The main objective of the dialogue is to create a common understanding among the key stakeholders about the concept and how it can be used to promote the country’s industrialization agenda. Once the common understanding has been achieved, a discussion to validate the draft local content strategy mentioned above will follow.

The two-day event will include high level government officials, private sector and CSO representatives from across Tanzania.