The Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana in collaboration with UONGOZI Institute of the United Republic of Tanzania are co-organizing a two-day regional forum for stakeholders in the extractive sector to reflect on how countries in Africa can best organize and position themselves to get maximum benefits from this sector by addressing the barriers to value-added processing.  The forum will be held in Accra, Ghana on the 4th and 5th of December, 2017.

The main objective of forum will be to discuss how African countries should position themselves to optimize benefits from the extractive sector through the implementation of value addition initiatives.





Specifically, the forum will focus on:

  • Identifying areas along the value chain with greater potential for value addition in the extractive sector;
  • Public policy, legal and, regulatory environment for an integrated extractive industry within African countries;
  • Financing options;
  • Measures to encourage local business participation;
  • Technology and skills required;
  • Health, safety, security, and environmental considerations;
  • Lessons learnt from a regional perspective.