UONGOZI Institute was invited to facilitate a session on the theoretical aspects of leadership at a two-day leadership training seminar organised by the Office of the National Assembly of Tanzania for Chairpersons and Deputy Chairpersons of all the Parliamentary Standing Committees as well as members of the Parliamentary Service Commission on 16th and 17th August, 2018.

The seminar was officiated by the Speaker of the National Assembly of Tanzania, Hon. Job Ndugai (MP). Two former Speakers of the Union Parliament, and one former Speaker of the Zanzibar House of Representatives were in attendance; Hon. Pius Msekwa and Hon. Anne Makinda, and Hon. Pandu Kificho, respectively. The Speaker of the Zanzibar House of Representatives, Hon. Zuber A. Maulid, and the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Tanzania, Hon. Dr. Tulia Ackson (MP) were also present.

The seminar took participants through several leadership development components, including personal leadership, ethics and good governance; managing conflicts of interest; protocol and etiquettes; and the role of parliamentary leadership in the peace and security of the nation.

As part of the session facilitated by UONGOZI Institute, the CEO of the Institute, Prof. Joseph Semboja delivered a presentation, which expounded on the concept of “leadership” and leadership skills.