After reviewing over 2,000 essays from young African citizens residing in and outside of Africa, UONGOZI Institute is pleased to announce the finalists of the Leadership Essay Competition 2018.

As in previous years, it was anticipated that five finalists would be selected. However, after rigorously evaluating each of the essays received in this year’s competition, only three essays scored sufficient points to be included as finalists.

The three winners are (in no particular order):

  1. Victor Ayal Ndede – Kenya
  2. Hope Katanu Mutie – Kenya
  3. Janeth Justinean Lambert – Tanzania

The above finalists will be traveling to Kigali, Rwanda for the awards ceremony during the African Leadership Forum (ALF) hosted by the former President of Tanzania, H.E Benjamin W. Mkapa on 02nd August, 2018.

UONGOZI Institute would like to thank each one of the 2,000+ young African citizens who participated in this year’s competition under the theme:

“If you were an African leader how would you finance development and transformation?”

Note: The essays were fairly evaluated by our panel of judges based on a set of criteria, including originality, creativity, use of language, appropriateness to contest theme and organisational structure.