On 30th November, 2017, the Tanzanian Government and Finnish Government inked three agreements with the value of 28.8 million Euros (approximately 75 billion Tanzanian shillings) for Innovation, Forestry and Good Governance projects in Tanzania.

Through the arrangement, the Government of Finland will provide 9.90 million Euros to support capacity building for public leaders through the UONGOZI Institute, 8.95 million Euros for innovation through the National Innovation System, and 9.95 million Euros for supporting the Forestry and Value Chains Development Programme.

Speaking after signing the agreements, the Permanent Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Dotto James, thanked the Government of Finland for the financial support, pointing further that it was not the first time Finland supports development programmes in Tanzania. According to the PS, the support to UONGOZI Institute will be useful in strengthening leadership and administration capacities in Tanzanian institutions, and eventually promote accountability and economic growth.

On his part, the Finnish Ambassador to Tanzania, Pekka Hukka, pointed out that Tanzania and Finland have had a long-standing relationship built on mutual respect. “Years of cooperation have resulted in strong bilateral relations as well as friendship between the civil societies and citizens of the two countries,” he explained.

Ambassador Hukka said the cooperation focuses on two goals; improving performance of the public sector in terms of economic governance and increasing opportunities for employment and livelihoods. He further pointed out that effective and inclusive institutions in addition to well-functioning public sector are important in order to achieve sustainable growth, poverty reduction and the rights of the citizens.

The 9.9M Euros funding provided by the Government of Finland for UONGOZI Institute will be used towards the implementation of the Institute’s second Strategic Plan.