UONGOZI Executive Programme

UONGOZI Executive Programme

UONGOZI Institute and Aalto University Executive Education of Finland are jointly running a Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Programme, an Executive Programme that aims to equip Senior Leaders in Tanzania and Africa with the necessary skills and competencies to achieve sustainable development through competent leadership. The focus themes of the Programme are leadership, with an emphasis on strategic and ethical leadership, sustainable development, communications, human resource management, and leading change.

Facilitated by world-class professors and experts in leadership from around the world, the Programme is designed to encourage participants to challenge their thinking as they broaden their competencies in visioning, planning and inspiring others through advanced strategic communication. It motivates participants to become better designers and innovators of effective structures and systems for better results.

The Programme is undertaken on an annual basis with a total of 10 modules. Each module runs for between 2 to 3 days of in-class workshops and online individual or group assignments.

For: African senior leaders seeking to enhance leadership capacity for sustainable development in their respective organisations.

This unique long-term modular Programme, bringing together Aalto University’s recognised expertise in leadership and UONGOZI Institute’s focus on development to advance sustainable development in Africa, helps participants gain insights on how to become inspirational through competent leadership. The Programme challenges participants to broaden their mindset and develop new skills and capabilities as future leaders.

2019/20 Programme Schedule

Month Course Title Hours Trainers
April 2019 - Module 1: Opening + Reflective and Inspirational Leader 3 Days Dr. Greg O’Shea
May 2019 - Module 2: Strategy Formulation and Implementation 2 Days Prof. Robin Gustafsson
August 2019 - Module 3: Financial Skills for Executives 2 Days Ms. Eva Niskavaara (M.Sc.)
September 2019 - Module 4: Leading for Results 2 days Prof. Teemu Malmi
October 2019 - Module 5: Design Thinking for Organisational Development 2 Days Prof. Mikko Koria
November 2019 - Module 6: Sustainable Development 2 Days Dr. Jarkko Levänen
January 2020 - Module 7: Ethical Leadership 2 Days Prof. Marc Le Menestrel
Prof. Vincent Kihiyo
February 2020 - Module 8: Strategic Communication 2 Days Prof. Ron Dulek
March 2020 - Module 9: Strategic Human Resource Management 2 Days Prof. Rebecca Piekkari
Ms. Zuhura Muro
April 2020 - Module 10: Leading Change 2 Days Prof. Pekka Mattila