In Focus: Peace and Security in the SADC Region

In Focus: Peace and Security in the SADC Region

Date: October 03, 2019

Guest: Prof. Anthoni van Nieuwkerk

In this episode, we are discussing Peace and Security in the SADC region with Prof. Anthoni van Nieuwkerk, a renowned expert on governance, peace and security, who currently serves as Peace and Security Studies Coordinator at the Wits School of Governance in South Africa.

Prof. Anthoni van Nieuwkerk

Peace and Security Studies Coordinator, Wits School of Governance - South Africa

Prof. Anthoni van Nieuwkerk holds an MA in political science from the University of Johannesburg and a PhD in international relations from Wits University, Johannesburg. He has participated in several scenarios development exercises and has broad experience with advising African policymakers on foreign and national security policy processes and frameworks.
In 2013, he received recognition by the National Research Foundation and until 2014, held the position as Assistant Dean (Research) for the Faculty of Commerce, Law and Management at Wits.  In 2015, the South African government appointed him to the South African Council on International Relations (SACOIR), where he serves as a Steering Committee member. 
Prof. Nieuwkerk has been research-active from the early 1990s and has pursued an academic career in teaching, training and policy analysis from 2000. He publishes widely on African foreign and security policy.