Annual Reports


Annual Report 2018/2019

The year 2019 was UONGOZI Institute’s ninth year of operation. During the year, the institute received strong demand for executive education offering 29 courses to 946 leaders. We also hosted 3 regional and 8 national policy forums that were attended by 1,528 leaders across Africa. Discover more of our achievements through our Annual Report for the period of July 2018 – June 2019.

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Annual Report 2017/2018

This report provides an overview of our programmes, activities and achievements during 2017/2018.

The year marked the eighth since establishment of the Institute, and second year of implementation for our five-year Strategic Plan 2016/17-2020/21.

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Annual Report 2016/2017

The Annual Report for 2016-17 presents an account of UONGOZI Institute’s programmes, activities and achievements during the year. This was the first year of implementation for the Institute’s second five-year Strategic Plan 2016/17-2020/21. The year saw the introduction of new programmes, an increase in partnerships and overall growth in the Institute’s local and regional profile, all contributing towards the Institute’s goal of becoming a center of excellence for leadership development for sustainable development in Tanzania and across the continent.

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Annual Report 2015/2016

This annual report describes the projects and activities that have been achieved in 2015/2016. It also marks the final year of UONGOZI Institute’s first five-year strategic plan and the exciting launch of its new strategy for 2016/17–2020/2021 that formally commenced on 1 July 2016. Achievements in this reporting year reflect the success of our mission to advance a leadership approach that supports the sustainable development of Africa.

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Annual Report 2014/2015

Broadening Reach – Fostering Partnerships

This year’s theme highlights strongly on broadening the Institute’s reach across the continent and fostering partnerships to promote our commitment to leadership which embraces sustainable development. We remain committed to placing sustainable development at the forefront of our programmes by creating unique opportunities to explore the pressing issues. Through our training and policy dialogue events we continued to offer opportunities for leaders to share pan-African experiences and perspectives which offer special insights into the regional and global forces influencing decision-making on the continent.

The Annual Report 2014/2015 provides an overview of our programmes and activities during that period.

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Annual Report 2013/2014

The year 2013/2014 was a productive year for UONGOZI Institute. With a better understanding of the environment and how we fit into that environment, and by strengthening our internal capacity to perform in that environment, there has been some notable progress.

The Annual Report 2013/2014 provides an overview of our programmes and activities during that period.


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Annual Report 2012/2013

UONGOZI Institute’s second annual report outlines our continuing groundwork for this young organisation.  It was a demanding yet exciting year for  UONGOZI Institute; where our experiences during this second year of the first strategic plan both deepened our understanding and sharpened our sense of direction.

The Annual Report 2012/2013 provides an overview of our programmes and activities during that period.

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Annual Report 2011/2012

This report summarises the progress of the institute from July 2011 to June 2012.

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