“Uongozi” means leadership in Kiswahili, and inspiring and strengthening leadership is the core purpose of our organisation. Based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, UONGOZI Institute is dedicated to supporting African leaders to attain sustainable development for their nations and for Africa.

We seek to inspire leaders and promote the recognition of the important role of leadership in sustainable development. We believe that:

  • Leadership is the key to achieving sustainable development
  • The development of a leader requires specialised grooming
  • An African model of leadership is vital for achieving the most favourable development outcomes for Africa.

The Institute is a government agency established by the Government of Tanzania and supported by the Government of Finland.

Our Goals

To realise the Institute’s mission, our work is organised around four goals.

Goal 1:    Enhance the performance of leaders in Africa

Goal 2:    Encourage leaders to champion sustainable development

Goal 3:    Advance the knowledge and practice of good leadership

Goal 4:    Be a centre of excellence for leadership for sustainable development

Goals 1 and 2 are concerned with themes of leadership development and sustainable development. They are interlinked and mutually reinforcing. Goal 1 focuses on improving the performance of leaders while Goal 2 focuses on understanding and appreciating the importance of sustainable development, and the integral role of leaders in advancing its adoption and implementation.

Goal 3 concerns advancing the knowledge and practice of good leadership, which is closely associated with sustainable development. In this respect, it portrays UONGOZI Institute’s role as a think tank. This goal extends beyond leaders to reach researchers, lecturers, students and development practitioners, as well as the wider public.

Goal 4 reflects that UONGOZI Institute is a young organisation. Therefore, the Institute will continue to strengthen its own capacity to become a globally recognized centre of excellence in leadership for the sustainable development of Africa.

Our Clients

UONGOZI Institute provides services to senior leaders who have a demonstrable impact upon their society’s development, as well as individuals who have been recognised as emerging leaders with the potential to make a positive impact. We support African leaders to:

  • Develop national and/or organisational agendas and oversee the implementation of strategies;
  • Analyse local, global and regional developments, and interpret their implications within national and organisational contexts;
  • Pursue their country’s and/or organisation’s interests in bi-lateral or multi-lateral negotiations;
  • Make informed decisions, which they adhere to and are accountable for;
  • Manage and stimulate staff to achieve their best;
  • Be accountable to, and communicate effectively with all stakeholders.

Our Partners

The Institute is committed to working together with our global community of partners to enhance the excellence of our leadership training, research and knowledge exchange. This model has been particularly strong in our work strengthening leaders
at the forefront of decision-making closely linked to sustainable development.

As we work towards the achievement of our mission and vision, UONGOZI Institute works with various funding and implementation partners in Tanzania, in Africa, and across the globe. Below is a list of our current partners.

Strategic Plans

Our Strategic Plans for the period of 2010/2011 – 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 – 2020/2021 are available below: