Public policy is intended to guide a Government in dealing with important public issues. It offers a framework that covers areas to prioritise, programmes and strategies to develop, as well as ways to monitor and evaluate the implementation. Furthermore, it sets the premise for allocating resources to facilitate execution.

Experience across the globe shows that systems for facilitating public policy formulation need frequent and continuous reviews to remain relevant. Like all governments across the globe, the Government of the United Republic Tanzania has a documented system that guides public policy development process. But how does the process work in practice, and why? What can be improved to make it more efficient? What are the challenges beyond the institutional framework? In collaboration with the Cabinet Secretariat, we will hold a dialogue on 28 February 2020, in Morogoro, to discuss these questions and other key related issues as a way of contributing to the government’s efforts to develop sound and relevant policies. The dialogue will be officiated by the Chief Secretary of the United Republic of Tanzania, followed by presentations, group discussions, summary of the discussion and the way forward.