Launched in 2017, the Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership Programme aims to develop leadership competencies in three areas; Making Strategic Choices, Leading People and Other Resources, and Exceling in Personal Leadership Qualities. The Programme is jointly delivered by UONGOZI Institute and Aalto University Executive Education of Finland.

The  Programme gives participants the tools to foresee, embrace and drive change, and gain insights into how to become an inspirational and reflective leader who can change the way organisations operate for more sustainable results. The focus themes of the Programme are leadership, with an emphasis on strategic and ethical leadership, sustainable development, communications, human resource management, and leading change. It includes 10 modules that are run over the course of one year.

This is the eighth module of the Programme, on Strategic Communication. The overall purpose of this module is two-fold: consciousness-raising and self-improvement. Communication consciousness-raising means to alert and remind leaders that ‘communication counts.’ It counts both internally within the organisation and externally when dealing with the public. Communication is therefore important both in terms of the clarity of the message’s content as well as the symbolism of what it says about the person sending the message.