Peace and security is an on-going and important agenda on the African continent. At present there are 21 countries in Africa, almost half of the continent, in conflict. The conflicts vary in nature, categorising some of these countries into either fragile states or others as warfare states. Despite unwavering efforts and some progress, lasting peace remains indeterminate.

The African Leadership Forum 2017 will be co-chaired by H.E. Benjamin William Mkapa, former President of the United Republic of Tanzania and H.E. Thabo Mbeki, former President of the Republic of South Africa. The Forum, to be held from 24 – 25 August in Johannesburg – South Africa, will bring together former Heads of State as well as leaders from all sectors across Africa. The Forum will focus its attention on the complex dynamics that have caused continuous and endless conflicts to rise and linger as well as how to practically and realistically navigate through these dynamics for lasting peace.