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Memoirs by Tanzania’s third president

In November 2019, memoirs by the late Benjamin William Mkapa “My Life, My Purpose: A Tanzanian President Remembers” were released. His memoirs, published through UONGOZI Institute’s leadership memoirs project, range from his childhood, time as president, and his continuing post-retirement involvement at the domestic and international stages. They are enriched by his views on leadership and advice for aspiring leaders. 

The book may appeal to readers interested in: An African’s personal experiences of colonialism in East Africa; the struggle for independence by the liberation movements of several African countries; how war helped unify the diverse citizens of a young nation; fostering nationalism and addressing ethnic and religious differences; the economic and social aspects of transition to socialism and then to a free market environment; the political transition from a single party state to multi-partyism; and relations with international organisations and development partners.

The book is available at our Resource Centre. To purchase a copy, please visit Mkuki na Nyota, or African Books Collective.