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Executive Education

Our Executive Education Workshops

Leaders today face complex and diverse challenges: geopolitical instability, widening inequality, climate change, poverty, poor governance, rapid urbanization, and social unrest just to mention a few. Leaders – not only in Africa – need capabilities, skills or competencies to tackle these challenges sustainably.

UONGOZI Institute’s Executive Education workshops are designed to equip present and future leaders in Africa to explore, brainstorm, discuss, share and offer practical and sustainable solutions to deal with these challenges.

Through our programmes, leaders will acquire the skills and knowledge to understand the complex world of choices, to make sound and strategic decisions that can envision the future and to enhance their personal leadership qualities. The training solutions are both inspiring and empowering, delivered by national and international experts using the best mix of learning methodologies for adult learning.

Our workshops are grouped under three core leadership competencies:

  • Making Strategic Choices
  • Leading People and Other Resources
  • Excelling in Personal Qualities

Under each core competence area, we provide a range of workshops for leaders.  Our workshops are targeted to strategic and operational leaders from public and private sectors, as well as from civil society organizations.  Strategic leaders provide direction and vision, make strategic decisions and are accountable for the success or failure of their organization.  Operational leaders make the organization work towards the vision and mission and implement the decisions taken by the strategic leaders.

Your organisation may choose any single leadership workshop or a package of them – and we will work with you to provide an exclusive leadership training experience.

We also organize several scheduled leadership workshops every year, which are open for leaders from Tanzania and elsewhere from Africa.

Through these unique and carefully crafted set of training workshops designed specifically to meet the needs of African leaders, we hope to support both strategic leaders and operational leaders to be able to deliver sustainable, homegrown solutions to the current and emerging developments they face on the continent.

Event Calendar

This calendar displays UONGOZI Institute’s Executive Education Workshops planned up to December, 2019. For registration, priority will be given to public and private institutions as well as civil society organizations. Special consideration will be given to leaders interested in their individual capacities. For enquiries regarding a tailor-made course for your institution, please contact us.

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UONGOZI Institute offers courses to senior and emerging leaders in Africa so that they may fulfill their potential to deliver sustainable solutions to better the lives of African citizens. Below are our current training courses grouped under the following competencies:

Making Strategic Choices

Making Strategic Choices

Leaders make choices daily. In today’s complex world, making the right choices has become more difficult than ever.

Leaders must be able to see the bigger picture, vision the future and distinguish important from less important priorities. Leaders have to acknowledge that the decisions they make today will have consequences in the future.

They should be strong and visionary enough to stand for the principles of sustainable development and apply them at all levels – individual, organizational and national.

Leading People and other Resources

Leading People and other Resources

Leaders lead the people who make organizations, networks, and countries. They steer people through change, help them to cope with and overcome stress and distress, and make them work efficiently and effectively to achieve results. Leaders also use and manage other resources: money, technology, knowledge, time, innovations, and infrastructure. They make the most out of these resources to achieve the expected results.

Excelling in Personal Qualities

Excelling in Personal Qualities

To be a leader is a daunting task, a demanding call. A good leader has to have personal qualities that exceed the average. Personal qualities tend to be inborn, but they can also be further developed and refined.

A good leader has stable values, high emotional intelligence and respect for other people.

A good leader has the ability to communicate his/her vision; the ability to achieve desired results by using his/her communicative, persuasive or consensus building negotiation skills; and the ability to inspire people around them to work together towards a common goal.

• Generic workshops are for all leaders, strategic and operational, irrespective the sector or type of the organization they represent.

• Targeted workshops are targeted for a specific group or specific level of leaders with a certain position in an organization. Target groups are specified below in connection with each workshop.

Course Details:

Most courses are short, lasting an average of 2-3 days and are delivered by renowned international facilitators with substantial experience in their respective fields. The courses are designed to build on each other, but can be taken individually.

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