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UONGOZI Institute provokes thought and stimulates discussion about leadership development, as well as developing and implementing policies and strategies for African nations and organisations.

We assist decision-making by providing opportunities for leaders to meet and share ideas so that they may understand the perspectives of others, seek to collaborate on sustainable development, and enhance their skills and knowledge. Leaders attending these forums have an opportunity to hear ‘behind the scenes’ stories from prominent individuals and experts, who can help to bridge the divide between theory and practice.m

The Natural Resource Programme

The discovery and extraction of natural resources has the potential to finance rapid, sustained and broad-based development. However, the historical record of resource discoveries in poor countries is deeply worrying. Often they lead to the curse of plunder: the few expropriating revenues that should benefit the many, and the present generation unsustainably consuming revenues that should benefit the future.

Tanzania is now a resource-rich economy, and the Government is determined that natural resources should generate the best possible returns for the country and build the foundation for sustainable socio-economic transformation, broad-based growth and development, and to deliver tangible human development outcomes for ordinary citizens.

Effective management of extractive resources will therefore require Government to take a comprehensive approach that covers the full range of issues involved in transforming resources under the ground into improved development outcomes above the ground. This should involve linking upstream, midstream and downstream industry decisions, taking on board environmental and community issues, management of revenues, and wider economic concerns. It is against this backdrop that UONGOZI Institute is implementing a programme to support Natural Resource Management in Tanzania with the objective of providing support to Government, as well as other key players in the sector in maximizing the potential of extractives to fast-track development.

This project seeks to support the efforts towards building a vision on extractives and at the same time, enabling the Tanzanian government to translate and implement this vision to create sustained, human development centric-equitable growth

Interviews with Leaders

UONGOZI Institute is producing a television series called ‘Meet the Leader’ consisting of in-depth, one-on-one interviews with prominent leaders from around the world who have made significant positive impacts.

The interviews seek to explore the experiences which affected their development as a leader, their leadership style, and lessons they have learnt about leadership. The intention is that these programmes will provoke thought and stimulate discussion about the development of a leader, as well as aspects of leadership relevant to developing and implementing policies and strategies for African nations and organisations. These programmes are available to view on this website and on YouTube.

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Interviews with Experts

UONGOZI Institute’s  second television series, ‘In Focus’, which presents an in-depth overview into the key issues affecting sustainable development in Africa.

Recent interview topics have ranged from public private partnerships, to managing natural resources, how Africa should manage its relationships with development partners in the current environment and global governance.

These programmes are available to view on this website and on YouTube.

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The Sustainable Development Programme

On July 1st, 2016 UONGOZI Institute formally began its new five-year strategy (2016/17 – 2020/2021). One of the new features of the strategy is the implementation of a new Sustainable Development Programme (SDP) geared towards addressing the implementation challenges of sustainable development in Africa, with particular attention paid to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development (the Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs).

The overall aim and purpose of the SDP is a multi-year programme to develop leadership in Tanzania (and Africa more broadly) to appreciate and implement sustainable development and to support implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. The programme includes the following components:

  • Providing a platform for dialogue, bringing together different agents involved in the implementation of the SDGs so as to build the necessary social capital to enable implementation;
  • Undertaking research on Sustainable Development related and NRM themes and issues;
  • Ensuring that SD-related and NRM-related information is available, accessible, and reliable to African citizens as well as policy-makers and decision-makers;
  • Facilitating capacity building on sustainable development to senior leaders in Government as well as to emerging leaders;
  • Continuously monitoring progress towards the SDG targets.

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UONGOZI Institute is engaged in research in Africa relating to:

  • Leadership development
  • Sustainable development
  • Governance
  • Policy development.

We seek to complement the work of others by sharing research findings or supporting research initiatives. Our current research projects are:

  • The State of Leadership in Sub Saharan Africa
  • Good Governance in Africa
  • Governance Practices within Public Institutions in Tanzania