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UONGOZI Institute provokes thought and stimulates discussion about leadership development, as well as developing and implementing policies and strategies for African nations and organisations.

We assist decision-making by providing opportunities for leaders to meet and share ideas so that they may understand the perspectives of others, seek to collaborate on sustainable development, and enhance their skills and knowledge. Leaders attending these forums have an opportunity to hear ‘behind the scenes’ stories from prominent individuals and experts, who can help to bridge the divide between theory and practice.m

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UONGOZI Institute is engaged in research in Africa relating to:

  • Leadership development
  • Sustainable development
  • Governance
  • Policy development.

We seek to complement the work of others by sharing research findings or supporting research initiatives. Our current research projects are:

  • The State of Leadership in Sub Saharan Africa
  • Good Governance in Africa
  • Governance Practices within Public Institutions in Tanzania