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Meet the Leader: H.E. Armando Guebuza

Meet the Leader: H.E. Armando Guebuza

Interview with H.E. Armando Guebuza, former President of the Republic of Mozambique

Date: November 17, 2015

Guest: H.E. Armando Guebuza

In this episode of Meet the Leader, we travel back in history with H.E. Armando Emilio Guebuza, former President of the Republic of Mozambique, to discuss about his leadership journey, how he recalls his participation in the liberalization struggle of his country, and his legacy as the 3rd President of Mozambique.

H.E. Armando Guebuza

Former President of the Republic of Mozambique

H.E. Guebuza joined the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) at the age of 20, shortly after it began Mozambique's war of independence against Portugal. By the time independence was achieved in 1975, H.E. Guebuza had become an important general and leader in FRELIMO.

He became Interior Minister in the Samora Machel government and following Samora Moisés Machel's 1986 death in a plane crash, South Africa. H.E. Guebuza, a member of FRELIMO's Politburo, served briefly as part of a ten-member collective Head of State. He represented FRELIMO at the peace negotiations with the RENAMO guerrilla group that led to the Rome General Peace Accords, signed in Rome on 4th October, 1992. During the transitional phase towards the first general elections in 1994, he represented the Government of Mozambique in the joint Supervision and Monitoring Commission, the highest implementing body of the General Peace Accords.

H.E. Guebuza is also a successful businessman, particularly in the construction, exports and fishing industries. He was chosen as FRELIMO's presidential candidate in 2002 after a tough struggle within the party. He became Secretary General of the party in the same year.