25th May
African Leadership Forum 2023
Theme: Promoting intra-Africa trade to unlock agricultural potential in Africa Convenors: H.E. Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and H.E. Wamkele Mene
Dar es Salaam
5th May
Leadership Graduation Ceremony
Leadership Graduation Ceremony is organised to celebrate the accomplishments of those who have completed our long-term executive programmes: PGD, CiL and WLP.
Dar es Salaam
5th December
Women’s Leadership Programme: Cohort 2
The second group of women leaders will join our Women’s Leadership Programme on 5 December 2022.
Dar es Salaam
26th January
Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership: Strategic Communication
This module is about innovation. It offers new ideas on how to deploy organisations’ brainpower and external networks to maximise creativity and collaborative outcomes at every level.