Women’s Leadership Programme

The Women’s Leadership Programme allows senior and emerging female leaders to navigate the unique leadership challenges that deter female professionals in the workplace from occupying senior leadership positions.

The programme aims to enhance their ability to make strategic choices; lead people and resources; and excel in personal and leadership qualities.




6 months


No fees


Women leaders in both mid-level and senior positions

Why this programme?

This programme provides women leaders with unparalleled learning opportunities, including the Women’s Leadership Forum, training, coaching, as well as networking opportunities. It also offers them access to thought leaders from around the world. The instructors are experts in the field of transformation and leadership, who can foster collaborative learning and help participants make links between theory and practice.

Strengthens your strategic thinking and leadership skills

Enhances your personal, people and organisational leadership skills

Improves your ability to translate ideas into tangible results

Helps you become a great communicator who can inspire change

Sharpens your change leadership skills

Equips you with techniques and knowledge to achieve a work-life balance

Women's Leadership Forum

Jenista Mhagama_WLF
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“The more women in leadership positions, the faster we achieve sustainable development,” Minister Mhagama

Gender equality_From theory to practice
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Gender Equality: From Theory to Practice

Learn more about this unique space for women leaders to meet, share and learn